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case 1 – identify value
Scientific and Medical Landscaping in Rare Diseases



  • Client: SME

  • Request to validate the possibility to apply a certain technology to address the unmet medical need of a rare pediatric pathology

  • Request to assess and prioritize clinical and medical market needs in order to perform a feasibility of the market entry

  • Assessment of market and patient access criteria for new product adoption



  • Developed an integrated screening and validation process:

    • Secondary market research performed

    • Primary market research on a global scale performed

    • Mapped and developed global multidisciplinary KOL network for information gathering and validation



  • Defined current SOC and unmet medical needs in key geographical locations

  • Developed and nurtured a global KOL network

  • Identified clinical needs necessary to develop a certain technology into an orphan drug regulatory application

  • Identified research centers to execute initial pre-clinical and clinical proof of concept studies

case 2 – identify Value
Product Appraisal and Market Launch Feasibility in Europe



  • Client: large pharma, newcomer in prostate cancer

  • Request to assess the feasibility to enter prostate cancer for a specific asset in a relatively short amount of time

  • Request to define product launch hurdles, timelines and corporate infrastructure in Europe



  • Development of a multi-stakeholder validation process:

    • Secondary market research performed to identify major launch hurdles and key criteria

    • Primary market research performed to validate desktop research results and gain national insights



  • Defined country profiles in terms of feasibility as well as market and medical needs

  • Defined a European integrated plan including start of the operations, HQ management of Europe and step-wise organization building

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