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case 3 – create value
Integrated Product Development Plan in IMDs



  • Client: SME

  • Request to identify unmet market needs to enter a rare disease market (inherited metabolic disorders)

  • Request to understand physiopathology, market adoption and market dynamic drivers to assess feasibility for new technology and product development

  • Request to develop a product development and go-to-market plan (US + EU)



  • Developed a step-wise approach:

    • Strategic target market profiling

    • Target product profiles

    • Product development plan

    • Integration of different corporate functions in the decision-making process as well as detailing the various parts of the plan



  • Defined current SOC, unmet medical needs and key market drivers in key geographical areas

  • Developed patentable target product profile

  • Developed a product development plan

  • Developed a go-to-market strategy and plan

case 4 - create value

Early Academic-Industrial Relationship Management in CNS



  • Client: University spin-off

  • Request to evaluate the value of their technology before approaching pharmaceutical companies



  • Developed a step-wise approach:

    • Priority setting in terms of therapeutic indications based and medical and market analysis

    • Determination of a scientific and medical value proposition including initial target product profiles for the potential key indications

    • Validation of secondary research and strategic analysis with selected external stakeholders



  • Defined a technology appraisal and strategic technology and product development plan

  • Defined value promotion and BD presentations

  • Defined an initial target list of pharmaceutical companies and timing for potential partnership building

  • Supported initial development of a business plan

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